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At D2 Scaffolding Ltd our moto is 'Be The Best' to do this there are many factors that need to come together as one in order to 'Be The Best' some of these we have listed below.

Scaffolding Contractor NI

Safety is a number 1 priority when it comes to scaffolding. This includes safety to our staff, safety to the users of our platforms and safety to the public.


All our staff must be 'clipped on' ​ie using a safety harness when working at height unless the platform they are on is fully boarded and guard railed.


All our scaffolds are built to the industries strict codes of practice and maintained in the appropriate manor with regular inspections.

D2 Scaffolding Ltd

At D2 Scaffolding we always use scaffolding tags, these are not a legal requirement but an excellent management tool that enables our staff and the users of our scaffolds to clearly see when the scaffold was last inspected and what loads the scaffold is designed to be used for.

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Presentation & Quality is Key to our success.

How our scaffolding looks is very important to us, we aim to be one of the tidiest scaffolders around. Through routine maintenance of our equipment and erecting our scaffolds to the best quality. You can ensure that your job will look tidy and well presented even when the scaffolding is built.

reliable scaffolders

At D2 Scaffolding we aim to be as reliable as possible meaning if we say we will be there to do your job we WILL be there. We understand that you are also working to a timescale and we will accommodate this as best we can.

We operate on 100% Honesty if we cant do it in time we will let you know we wont drag our heals to eventually let you down at the last minute.  

So you can be assured if you have booked D2 Scaffolding for a job they will turn up and provide an excellent service.

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